Millionminds is a one of its kind Startup Accelerator which empowers students across the country to realize their entrepreneurial dreams with apt resources and support.

About us

Millionminds is a bridge between the aspiring and the acclaimed. The concept came to its inception in year 2016 with an objective of reboot the Startup ecosystem, by igniting entrepreneurship spirit in the students across campuses in India. We collaborate with Startup entrepreneurs and many likeminded organizations across Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities of India with a motive to guide new age student entrepreneurs on how they, themselves can commence their new innovative businesses with minimal chances of failures. We help students with a chance to understand and penetrate into the Startup ecosystem from the beginning of their careers. The core functioning of Millionminds is to be a catalyst in bringing forth new Startups.

Millionminds under the patronage of Startup India (A Govt. of India Initiative), launched The Startup League wherein students can send in their ideas, and meet the business incubators, Startup founders and possible investors to fuel their Startup dream. It is driven by the motive of inspiring students to be creative, begin their own business model and ultimately lead to job creation in the country, which further sketches an outline for collective development of the society we live in.

Millionminds has launched a journey with 500+ Startup entrepreneurs and created a platform for these entrepreneurs to interact and help students to understand the basics of Startup life. Thus, Millionminds has successfully launched ‘Accelerate: The Startup Talks’ and ‘Axiom – A Comprehensive Experienceship program’ for the students where they cannot just interact with the Startup founders in their college campuses, but have access to a wide range of study material collected and curated for them. We feel institutions in Tier2/Tier3 cities have untapped potential, and we aim to direct them in the right way and what better than leveraging them on each level? That is exactly why, Millionminds is committed to instil hope for every budding entrepreneur that their idea can also be a success.



Millionminds initiates collaboration with institutes across India and startup founders to help students understand the Startup ecosystem, and prepare students for the big leap.

Under the “ACCELERATE – THE STARTUP TALK” initiative, Millionminds has successfully conducted Startup Talks in institutions across 75+ cities.

It enables interaction between successful startup entrepreneurs and students.

This exercise brings lucidity to students about functioning of a startup, and clears their doubts pertaining to the startup ecosystem.


Millionminds does not just motivate students but also engages them into actual startup work setups to learn how a Startup works.

Millionminds has launched AXIOM, a one of its kind learning platform which offers Online and Offline Experienceship opportunities.

Online Experienceship is a comprehensive study where you learn from experiences of actual startup founders, whereas Offline Experienceship offers selected students a chance to intern with startups, and receive one-on-one mentorship from the startup founders.

CampuStar and Campus Adda are the programs to engage students to build campus community to foster entrepreneurial culture.


With the support from key industry bodies and associates, Millionminds helps students in realising their startup dreams.

With the support from key industry bodies and associates, Millionminds help students in realising their startup dreams.

This exercise is to motivate more students to come forward with innovative ideas and not just create jobs, but provide solutions for prevalent problems.

The best ideas receive incubation, and further capital by investors, thus bringing their products to life.

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