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Offline Experience

Transforming the goals into reality, Millionminds offer Offline Experienceship to every budding student entrepreneurs. Offline Experienceship predominantly refers to the working in a startup environment, mentored by actual founders and entrepreneurs to gain first-hand exposure. This transforms and asserts the students into an individual who can then take a plunge and initiate their startup journey by ideating, facing challenges, and putting their existing skillset & theoretical knowledge into application.

There are two benefits of undertaking this Offline Experienceship Program, a) A students realizes what it is to work under the guidance of true entrepreneur; and b) They will learn about converting their ideas into a profitable business model by avoiding possible areas of failures.

There are four dynamics to Offline Experienceship, and after experiencing these four dynamics there is no looking back.

Shadow a Founder

A student will accompany a Startup founder in his office and absorb the Startup culture, his way of working, and gain precious practical knowledge that will surely help in developing leadership skills.

There are four dynamics to Offline Experienceship, and after experiencing these four dynamics there is no looking back.


Youngsters can test their skills and areas of interest by being a part of short term projects of Startups. This exclusive hands on experience will prove useful to them in their professional life, regardless of which path they choose to follow, and will help crystallize their goals and ambitions.


Budding Student Entrepreneurs will get opportunities to go for “1-on-1 Mentorship” session with an established Startup Entrepreneur. This will surely open up various “Need to Think” verticals for students to add wings to their existing business idea.


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  • Pradeepdeva Sundararaji - Founder & CEO, BucksBucket


    Majority of the students in India are not aware of entrepreneurship. We need to conduct more such events in Tier-II cities to slowly build the culture. I am really happy to engage with Millionminds, and look forward to inspire more people towards entrepreneurship.

    Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Indore


    It was really fun learning interactive session and we really appreciate the way you delivered while getting connected with the students. We are heartily thankful to Millionminds for associating with us and we surely will do much more in upcoming future.

    Suraj Prabhu


    Thanks for giving us this opportunity. We will never forget this moment in our life and we are expecting more such sessions in the future. Thank you Millionminds!

  • Anand Chauhan - Founder, The Startup Hub India


    The Millionminds initiative collaborates with business owners, mentors and experts from the industry, and offers a very straightforward approach for a budding entrepreneur to learn and gain knowledge from the entrepreneurs who have been through the same journey. I wish them success in this endeavor.

    Techno India NJR Institute of Technology


    Thank you very much for organizing the wonderful event "Accelerate - The Startup Talk" attended by around 200 of our students who were very excited about the same. Looking forward to continued support from you all in encouraging entrepreneurship and startup culture at Techno NJR.

    Devang Raja - Founder, Venture Wolf


    Had a great experience at the startup talk session; it was really good to interact with students and faculty. Thanks to the Millionminds team for giving me this opportunity understand and be a part of the Tier-II startup ecosystem.

  • Gurukeerthi Gurunathan - Co-founder, CaratLane


    Had a great time at the college. Students were bright in asking questions and sharp in listening. I also had post talk interaction with them. Overall the experience has been positive. Thank you Millionminds for the opportunity.