Tech Dialogue

An opportunity for the students to interact with StartUp Founders & Corporates to learn about how the new gen technologies are being applied by these organisations in creating products & services. And get an exposure to the expectation of technical skill and capability required by these new gen technology companies from the entry level talent.

Focus area of content:
How the company has applied the technology in creating the product/service? What new areas of learning the company is focusing about this technology? How does the company planning to retain cutting edge advantage on application of this technology for their product/ service?

What’s the global trend and latest R&D happening across the globe? Crystal Ball gazing thru this decade? Some of the cutting edge application world over? What’s the likely course of action in India in this decade? How, what and which will be likely areas of adoption? What kind of investments and skill requirements likely to emerge? How should students plan their learning curve about this technology, if they choose it as a career option? What kind of disruptive challenges this technology can face from newer R&D?