Millionminds in partnership with the students from the participating colleges and the Start-Up ecosystem partners, would endeavour to create a “pool fund” which would be utilised to support the promising ideas.

The shortlisted ideas from TSL (The StartUp league) Campus teams, would have opportunity to present their Concept/ business plan, to the ISF team for financial support and mentorship to enable them to translate the concept Into a “ go to market” solution.

The Start-Up ecosystem partners would contribute funds to create the investment fund. In return, they would be Able to derive a proportionate ROI – in form of knowledge product, job work assignments or equity stakes in the identified ideas/propositions.

Millionminds would work with the students to create a “voluntary talent pool” with identified knowledge skills who would commit to devote defined work hours pro bone, to work on projects/ assignments, for the Start-Ups who have enabled creation of the “pool fund”.